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Wholesaling real estate involves buying properties at a discount and quickly selling them to investors or other buyers for a profit. One of the key elements to a successful wholesaling business is having a strong buyers list. Here’s how to build a buyers list for wholesaling real estate.

  1. Identify Your Target Buyers

The first step in building a buyers list is to identify your target buyers. Who is your ideal buyer? Are they house flippers, landlords, or someone else? You want to make sure you have a clear understanding of who your target buyers are so you can tailor your marketing efforts to attract them.

     2. Build Relationships with Local Real Estate Investors

One of the best ways to build a buyers list is to network with local real estate investors. Attend real estate investor meetings and events in your area, and introduce yourself to other investors. Join online forums and social media groups where real estate investors hang out, and participate in the conversations. By building relationships with other investors, you can learn about their buying criteria and what they’re looking for in a property.

    3. Use Online Marketing

There are a variety of online marketing strategies you can use to build your buyers list. Create a website that showcases your properties and allows interested buyers to sign up for your mailing list. Use social media to connect with potential buyers and share your latest deals. Consider running Facebook or Google ads to target potential buyers in your area.

    4. Attend Real Estate Auctions

Real estate auctions can be a great place to find potential buyers. Attend local auctions and connect with other bidders. These buyers may be interested in purchasing properties at a discount, which is exactly what you’re offering as a wholesaler.

   5. Partner with Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents often have clients who are looking for investment properties. Partner with local agents and let them know what kind of properties you have available. In exchange, you can offer to refer them to your buyers when they have a property that meets their criteria.

   6. Offer Incentives to Your Buyers

Finally, it’s important to offer incentives to your repeat buyers to keep them coming back. This could include offering discounts on future purchases, providing additional resources and information about the local market, or offering special financing options.

Working with Lauton Properties and our extensive buyer list can help you build your wholesaling business by selling your contracts within days. Give us a call and let us introduce your property to our buyers, 732-844-0415.

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