As a family-owned business, we always strive to buy or manage properties in our community. We purchase, rehab and set these properties back on the market for future renters and homeowners.

Below are a few of our case studies.

212 Munn Avenue, Irvington, NJ

Our First Property

This was our first property. A three family house that was located in Irvington, New Jersey. It wasn’t the best of neighborhoods but it was a great place to start our investment in real estate. We found this property online, met with the owners, who were tired of being landlords, and who wanted to move across the street to a single family home. Now we were landlords! The home was in pretty good shape needing only cosmetic repairs. After painting, installing some mailboxes and cleaning, the apartments were ready to be shown. The first floor apartment had 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a full basement with a washer and dryer. The second floor apartment had 3 bedrooms, one bathroom and a back stairway which led to the basement. The third floor was a small one bedroom apartment with an eat-in kitchen. We decided to take the first floor apartment. The rental income from the second and third floor apartments was enough to cover our mortgage and allowed us to save for future real estate properties.

Our Next Property

They say your first property is the hardest and everything after that is gravy. So true. Within one year of purchasing our three family primary residence, the same owners came back to us and asked if we were interested in purchasing their single family home across the street. The property was not in as good shape as the three family home we purchased but after a bit of negotiation, we purchased it.

This property needed a lot more work than the multi-family home so we had to create a budget for repairs and decide what the rent would be to make a return on our investment. You can view our portfolio here.

211 Munn Avenue, Irvington, NJ

350 Glendale Road, North Plainfield, NJ

And so it continues...

We did something you’re definitely NOT supposed to do as a real estate investor; we fell in love! The moment we walked into this house I knew I had to have it. Didn’t care about the fix ups. Didn’t care about the termite issues (there weren’t any but still) and we certainly didn’t care about the price. Bad real estate investor. We immediately purchased this house and decided to move out of our multi-family and move 30 minutes away to a new community and a new life.

Other properties that we've purchased, rehabbed and/or managed.